Love can be said as the “privilege” of mankind. This is one of the obvious ways to make us different from animals. And above all, the pinnacle of love is sex. However, sometimes the romantic moments leave some bruises quite strange then. These traces called “hickeys”.

Hickey kiss is becoming more and more popular among young people and is widely known. It is like an action to show to people that she or he had boyfriend/girlfriend, do not touch her/him or flirt with her/him.

  1. What is hickey?

Hickey kiss is known as vampire kiss, love bite or kiss mark. This is a very strong kiss in the type of kiss. When kissing, the other person will suck on the skin as soft as the front, neck or arms of the opponent makes the skin is flushed.

  1. How to hickey?
  2. Knowledge about hickeys:
  • Why do we want to leave hickeys on our lover’s body?

–  Because they are the result of passion. This trait is usually created spontaneously during the climax. What is more, leaving the bruises is also a way to show the world that the person belongs to you.

  • Always ask for permission:

–  The bites are quite sensitive and it does not suitable when you’re in school, work or visit adults. Additionally, some people do not like the feeling when they’re being discovered or arguing about the reason, so you should talk frankly to the opponent’s thoughts on the matter.

  1. Ways to hickey:
  • Cultivating a happy and relaxed atmosphere:

–  You should not just aim at your lover’s neck and do it. Take the time to kiss or do the French first, then move your lips down under their throats. Therefore, you can start with a soft kiss, then more intensely, pressing around the neck and her collarbone. If he or she seems interested, you may be ready to the hickey.

  • Position:

– Bitter blood is the most abundant in the thin and sensitive skin so the neck is the perfect place to create kiss marks. However, the elbow folds and the inside of the thighs are also good locations.

  • Squeeze the lips gently and place on the skin of the opponent:

– Imagine you are making an “O” with your lips, pressing your lips together on the skin, not letting the air out. Remember to keep your mouth soft and attractive.

  • Suck the skin:

– The trick is to suck enough to break the capillary under the skin but does not hurt. You need 20 to 30 seconds to create such a bruise, and always remember those things:

+ Use only lips. You will not want your teeth to hurt his or her skin.

+ Split the sucking time. If 30 seconds of that make you look weird, try 10 seconds, then kiss and continue sucking 10 seconds in the same place.

+ Control your saliva. You should not leave too much saliva on his/her neck.

  • Finish smoothly:

– Once you have created the trace you want, kiss the sensitive skin a few times.

  • Wait a few minutes for the kiss mark to appear:

– Just like when you bruise, 5 to 10 minutes after the new kiss appears, you will see that they are light pink to dark purple.

  • Stop if your lover requests:

– You should respect the wishes of the lover if they upset you need to stop. As you have known, the kiss is sometimes seen as a symbol of trust, but equating trust with it is not good.

  1. How to get rid of hickeys?
  2. Home remedies:
  • Put the ice cubes on the hickeys:

Applying ice capsules to kissing marks as soon as possible to shrink the blood vessels and reduce swelling. This way can help you seal the kiss.

Pack ice cubes in a clean cloth to reduce the risk of cold burns. You can also apply a cold spoon to the kissing area, but make sure it is not rubbed on the skin.

Apply on top of the kiss for up to 20 minutes at a time. Additionally, you have to make sure that use two to four hours each. Ice cubes several times daily for 1-2 days.

  • Apply Aloe Vera on the hickeys:

Aloe Vera is a natural moisturizer that stimulates the healing process. You need to apply a thick layer of aloe vera to the kiss. Leave for 10 minutes and wipe the paper towel. Use this method twice a day until the kiss marks heal.

  1. Promotes the healing process:
  • Eat foods which contain vitamin C and vitamin K:

– Some foods rich in vitamin K include kale, spinach (spinach), broccoli, liver, and eggs.

– Food sources of vitamin C include strawberries, blueberries, red raspberries, sweet potatoes and red peppers.

– It may be easier and better if you increase the consumption of certain foods instead of the functional foods. However, you can ask your doctor about the use of functional foods, or you can talk to your parents about taking vitamins.

  • Stop smoking:

– If you smoke or use tobacco products, you should stop this habit when you have kiss marks. Cigarette smoking reduces blood flow and slows the healing process.

  • Avoid massages and drainage:

Massage around the knot only exacerbates the problem because it can bruise the skin and make the hickeys more pronounced. Besides, do not drain the blood in the margins with needles. It can cause additional injury and severe pain.

  1. Hide the hickeys:
  • Wear a collar or neck:

– This helps to hide the hickeys on a couple of days. You should choose a neck vault to cover the neck completely or try to put a collar on the neck.

  • Use a green concealer to conceal the kiss:

– At first, the mark was often red. The green concealer will contrast with that color, making the dazzle look like a blur.

  • Use a pink concealer to cover the color of the kiss:

The hickeys usually turn yellow or bluish when healed. At this point, you should change to concealer pink cream to hide better kissing. Apply a pink concealer like when you applied the blue.

  • Cover the hickeys with jewelry:

This is a lovely way to hide the kiss, while also creating a highlight for the outfit. Neck-wraps, bandanas, or even slim jewels, such as necklaces, can temporarily hide the mark.


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