Essential vitamins for athletes’ eyes

For an athlete, having a good vision is important which also give competitive edge over the opponents. Sports players, be it professional or amateur needs having completely healthy eyes and a sharp vision to improve in the game!

Various eye vitamins can significantly help with focus, peripheral awareness, depth perception, coordination of the hand and eye, visual acuity and much more. Let’s have a look at essential eye vitamins and nutrients to excel in sports and maintain a successful athletic reputation.

Know your antioxidants: Vitamins A, C & E

Vision deterioration is obvious as we age and something unstoppable being a natural life process but, there’re safe ways to prolong it. The deterioration is known as Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) that can be fought best with vitamins A, C and E being antioxidants. That said, these vitamins and nutrient aren’t just essential for the old eyes but young and active athletes can equally benefit taking these supplements.

A medical research has concluded that taking just the right amount of vitamin A, C and E can surely help against visual acuity which refers to the ability to distinguish objects and keep the focus on them completely, accurately. It’s basically the antioxidant properties of these vitamins which helps preserving the eye cells and tissues. And so the fact of carrots being good for the eyes is true since it contains high levels of vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyesight.

Aqueous humour; the fluid which exists between the cornea and the iris contains high level of vitamin C which protects the eye lens as well as prevents blurring of the vision. For sportspersons, blurry vision can be disastrous which however can be overcome by appropriate amount of vitamin C intake which also reduces degeneration of the eyes as we age alongside additional protection against cataracts development.

Lutein & zeaxanthin

Besides the three vitamins, lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants and found in high concentration within many different parts of the eye including the retina, the lens and macula. Numerous studies concluded that both lutein and zeaxanthin helps the eyes with glare and dim-lit environment. The both are also helpful against age-related macular degeneration thus keeping the eyes in best condition for as long as possible.

For older people who’re yet actively engaged in different sporting activities should consider taking essential supplements rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. It eventually helps proper filtration of blue light, reduces the contrast sensitivity and photophobia that’s sensitivity to light.

Even for those who’ve been suggested undergoing eye surgery in Abu Dhabi per se, consuming ample amount of lutein and zeaxanthin definitely helps preventing the vision from worsening; if not averting the likelihood of surgery.

Vitamins are helpful for athlete’s vision

Whether kicking footballs, shooting three pointers, stopping those tiny round puck or any other sports, best eyesight with sharpest possible vision is the key to stay ahead in the game. Enhanced macular pigment increase the ability to distinguish between different colours thus perfect in identifying incoming targets during various sports.


Your vision would be sharper, have better depth perception and enhanced peripheral awareness when eyes receive just the right amount of vitamins and nutrients.

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